To My Children

1. Never hate someone because of me. I don’t need that. Find other reason. 2. Someday, you will live without me. Be independent as soon as possible. Sooner you leave me, sooner you can see your own future. 3. Anytime you want to go home, I’ll always be your home. But you have to have […]

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Being The Boss

This is not official writing from a real boss, this is just simple way for me to understand how to be The Boss. That I am different already on my account. What should I do or be when I am The Boss: 1. Push my employee/my staff/my people to work hard. I don’t like working […]

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What happened to my club? They got loses 2 in a row. I know, I don’t know exactly what is my position in this club. May be just plastic fan. It’s so difficult to positioning myself amongs them. Sitting here with fans, sometime they are so hard to criticize, sometime they be so fanatic, then […]

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Deadliest Word

For this time I have been searching many reason about my choice. Which one is right for me and which one that will just make myself worse. That actually it isn’t necessary to give reason, though. But I still give it 😅. After I make border of my thought, that I should follow Jesus, only […]

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The Last Empress

Last night I watched The Last Empress. It’s Korean Drama that tells about Korean Emperor now a days. There are full of intriques, but easy to follow the plots. One scene I am interested now is the Empress made youtube channel to tell her people about condition inside the Emperor. But when her mother in […]

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How to

How to leave something peacefully? I ever had hobby, fashion designing. But then, I thought why I make something that I am not confident to wear. Couple years ago, I loved wearing many models of fashion. Recently, I only confident to wear black and basic design. I stopped making fashion design. I’ve just realized I […]

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After the Drama

After everything about us is done, where will we go, my Prince? For me, I only need to rest and enjoy my short time in this world. I don’t want to get involved in anything. Forget the past, and be born to be someone new. Someone that belongs to you. We’ve agreed some rules that […]

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Kalo urusan disini ga diberesin, saya akan mengambil jalan saya sendiri. Karena saya ga tahan dengan situasi disini. Anggap saja saya sudah gila. Dan saya tidak bisa berbahasa Inggris. Dan semua yang pernah saya tulis disini adalah hoax dan halusinasi. Salam. Umi Kartikawati

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Why do I put my marriage in a difficult, if not dangerous position? I’ve just realized, it’s not me who put it there. It’s my destiny to have this multiple personality disorder. I have many personalities which means I have more than one marriage. When I can realize this situation by my own way, not […]

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