I woke up in the night and suddenly feeling lonely. May be this is the correct feeling of lonely. I’m with someone that can’t understand me. That’s worst than being totally alone, with nobody’s around. Classic problem, huh? Yes, I live on my own roundabout that you won’t like it and care. I really don’t […]

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What is racism? At first I think it’s like when people see punk boys or gangster with a lot evil tattoo then they think they are criminal. Or else, when people see chinese then they think they are sly and greedy race. I live with those cases. And so far they are survive. No chinese […]

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I don’t know much about politic, I just learnt it from daily life. #1. When a country conducts referendum or voting, the result is the result as long as it’s not breaking the rules. I mean, there’s no chance to count on how much people really understand person/choice they choose. #2. Democracy makes people learn […]

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It’s Illegal

I have personal rule when talking about fairytale or myth, I’ll say it’s illegal. Brain can’t reach those places. And debating about that seems wasting time. The point is let it be there because it doesn’t exist in this reality. *****

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Bussiness Life

Sometime life is like a bussiness we build to earn money which is called happiness. I have a story about building bussiness. There’s a friend want to have laundry bussiness. Not big, not small, enough for his family. It’s a start up bussiness. His bussiness works well so far. 3 months after a good time, […]

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I used to learn from my surrounding and without confirmation I make conclusion. May be it take shorter time but possibly I don’t get it right. In a domestic situation, there’s 2 teams. A and B. A get duty to cook and B get to wash the dish. I think by using 2 team, we […]

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Who Are You?

He was there in Mina. And there’s anger in my heart that He should not be there that way, like a beggar. And like computer program, my mind told me, “You don’t understand.” *****

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A Story

This story haunted me lately. I don’t know where I got this story. May be this is a part of my social experiment that finally endangered a family bonding. Or may be it’s just a fairy tale. Forgive me if I made mistake. Once there’s an unhappy family. They have a lot of kids that […]

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How Do I Begin….

To tell you how the great a love can be… That’s a lyric from one old song which I forget the title. Actually, I want to trace back, why I prefer to be a rebel than a queen. I would like to ask myself question, “What do I want to do if I’m not a […]

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Social Media

I look back my instagram, then I start thinking, what’s social media meaning for me. On my instagram, I have 2 accounts, it’s the way I tell my feeling through picture. You know sometime, picture paints a thousand word. I still put caption on it only to remind me when and where that feeling happens. […]

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