Past and Present

When I have to meet some people from my past, should I be someone like they used to know? I don’t think so. I am different now, they won’t recognize me anymore, and I don’t care. Behind all the thing they see on me now, there’s great effort I made to change myself to be […]

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When I looked into your eyes, all I see ia just a man that loves me so much. This is not romantic words, please. I am just trying to let you know how I feel. Then I asked myself, “Am I enough with this kind of love? Kind of ‘let it flow’ love. ” I […]

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Letter to A

Now I know why you wasn’t there when my heart needed you most. I read news about terrorist lately. Then my mind can read so brightly that something dangerous is in there in my life. It’s endangered my life. That’s why you keep stay away from me. If the terrorists know my identity, that I […]

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Kid Song

London Bridge is falling down Falling down, falling down London Bridge is falling down My fair lady Build it up with iron bars Iron bars, iron bars Build it up with iron bars My fair lady Iron bars will bend and break Bend and break, bend and break Iron bars will bend and break My […]

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Gea Jalu

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometime we don’t even know where it is from. Letter and word are combined to make sentences. And sounds are arranged to make music. *****

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Mood Swing

These are things to help myself. 1. Control stress Stress is a major bipolar trigger. Do what you can to simplify your life and relieve stress in your work and personal life. 2. Keep a regular schedule Stick to a routine to help control mood swings. Bipolar people don’t do well with lots of changes. […]

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Mommy, I love you. I promise, nobody will say you failed. I understand we live in black and white world. That is pretty difficult to understand by the others. Leave it all behind, anyway. I am on my way back home. *****

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Indonesian Love Story

Once upon a time, there is a Princess who got lost in Indonesia. This Princess studied in the best Institute in Indonesia. She met a man who was 10 years older than her. That man fell in love to her. The Princess loved him too. Let’s say his name is Ben. But the Princess couldn’t […]

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