One upon a time, my mother told me, “Go to school, it’s good for you.” Then I went to school. School is more than just education. So, exactly like my mother’s words, “Go to school.”

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“Look at this photograph, A! I thought I have to draw for the rest of my life only to capture the moment.” “I know you are pretty stupid about this, agree?” “No, never. I am not stupid, I am just tough enough to learn something until I really understand it.” “Whatever. At least you got […]

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Learning Photography

She is my cat. Sleeping so tight. Meanwhile I am trying to edit her photo. To have better look. I took her with my cellphone camera.  I am a newbie on photography and an autodidact. I don’t understand how to take picture, how to edit it too. This picture I took isn’t good enough to […]

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Another head hangs lowly.  Child is slowly taken.  And the violence, caused such silence.  Who are we mistaken? But you see, it’s not me.  It’s not my family.  In your head, in your head, they are fighting.  With their tanks, and their bombs.  And their bombs, and their gun.  In your head, in your head, […]

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I studied earth science for my bachelor degree. It’s because I love earth. It give me meaning of life. I learn a lot from earth. Starting how it formed billion thousand years ago, then it grown. Got a lot of changes because of earthquake, fault, subsidence, etc. The earth still stand strongly.  Then human started […]

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