Nafisa & Riri

After my fake marriage in Indonesia, I adopted a baby girl from orphanage home. Her mother left her abandon when a volunteer of the orphanage home found her. I gave her name Nafisa. It’s an Arabic languange means precious stone. When I was in Oman I found it to be a name of jewelry store. […]

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F Word

I hate this reality, I don’t know why. Or maybe because I’ve not yet in the end of the story. And waiting isn’t something I can enjoy. When I was in Catholic HS in Surabaya, my mother asked me to marry to Agung without any duties to be a wife. Duty free..yay!! Then my husband […]

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El Classico

I just wanted to share, that perfect thing doesn’t have to be perfect in all area. I had perfect marriage but I broke it because I want to fix what me and maybe others saw about my marriage. To be a public figure, I have to stay shiny without being eaten up by what people […]

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If we talked about happiness, it may be about perspective. But in fact, our eyes and our mouth deceive our heart too, rather than speak the truth. So I choose to see happiness is specific for every person. Everyone has different rule, different measurement system. Mine is when you can’t express it by word, it’s […]

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This is a childish love story which more like best friend forever when we grow up. No kissing, no plan of marriage, only togetherness. But my boyfriend said this is love too, so here we go. I was in Junior High when it started my hormones to find what is different gender means. Firdaus is […]

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24 Hours For Forever

I was in Thomas Gerrard Higgins quarantine whose purpose is to unite my souls and to avoid worse scattered. It wasn’t only me who had duty to stay at home. There were my chinese family there. We didn’t allow to do anything, we were like living dead without certainty of our future. I thought it […]

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It was nice to have lisence to work from my husband with all models he prepared. It’s not perfect lisence because some part of his team didn’t agree I worked. Then I chose local oil company to avoid spread of my virus. It was stable oil company in fact even though their gain of oil […]

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Playing Threat

I had bad time with my mother. When I had to struggle to understand her, I learnt many kind relationship between mother – daughter. I also made simulation like how far a mother will sacrifice for her daughter. I made it very spesific for daughter only. As usual, everything I do will be followed by […]

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My body is tired Of a journey that isn’t too far Actually Layered life, don’t get crash Shield by shield, bubble by bubble Why can’t we have same opinion That makes us comfortable to say ‘us’ Where does a piece of peaceful mind? Somewhere There must be somewhere. # searching for match rhythm for that […]

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